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Baguio City is one of my favorite quick getaways up north Metro Manila. For the past few years, I have managed to visit the Summer Capital of the Philippines at least twice yearly. I tried to do and see new things in each visit considering the fact that Baguio City has a lot to offer. My recent visit was no exemption. Never did I realize that Baguio City is more than just the sights, strawberries and cool weather -- it's a food haven as well!

Upstairs Bed and Bath located along Leonard Wood Road

A group of bloggers organized the Baguio Food Tour 2013 on October 26 to 38, 2013, the first ever food tour event in Baguio City participated by travel bloggers from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. And I was lucky to be invited. I had the reason to come back to Baguio City for the second time this year -- this time with blogger friends for our first ever food tour, which made it all exciting.

Another thing that made this food-tasting adventure more exciting was the overwhelming support from a number of restaurants in Baguio City.

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Our trip started with a night departure from Pasay Terminal of Victory Liner, which was also our partner for this event. As usual, I enjoyed Victory Liner's free wifi connection inside the bus. Our group has agreed to use the hashtag #BaguioFoodTour2013 so our friends and readers can easily see and track our live updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we invite them to join the food tour online. A consistent and strong internet connection enabled us to post updates as real-time as possible en route to Baguio City.

Upstairs Bed and Bath became our wonderful host for two days. A mere 15-minute walk from Victory Liner terminal, Upstairs Bed & Bath share the same building with Girl Scout of the Philippines (GSP) located along Leonard Wood Road. They are very accessible from Session Road and SM City Baguio. What's unique is that their entrance is found on the right side of the building between GSP main entrance (below) and Barrio Fiesta (further above) along Session Road. Coming from Leonard Road, you would need to take a few steps of stairs going up to the entrance hence the name Upstairs. I posted these live updates on Facebook and Instagram as soon as we got to the hostel:

None of us have stayed at this hostel before but as soon as we got in, I instantly loved the place! Having a reputation of affordable stay, one cannot really expect anything from Upstairs Bed & Bath from its look outside. Once you step inside, however, the ambiance changes brought about by the modern and Zen-inspired design of its interior. The cleanliness is also impressive. Climbing further to their upper floors reveals a more "luxurious" look and feel making you think twice if you're in a backpacker hostel or inside an expensive hotel. That's how deceiving the hostel exterior is!

We stayed in one of their Dormitory Dorms with shared double-deck beds which is their best selling. The ten of us occupied the unit that's good for 16 persons so we had some privacy and security for our things while we're out of the hostel. Unfortunately no one bothered to take decent photos of the room before everyone settled in. But here are some photos of the dorm room from their Facebook page.

The dorm rooms are perfect for backpackers and budget travelers as it only costs P299 per person per night! This includes the use of fresh towels and linens. They have dormitory rooms that can accommodate 4, 6, 8, 10, 14, or 16 persons. It's great for short stays, small or big groups! If you don't like sharing a room with other guests, they also have private rooms. Below are the rates of each room type and their features:

Shared Double-Deck Beds - P299/person/night
  • Dormitory rooms for 4, 6, 8, 10, 14, or 16 persons
  • combined accommodation
  • common toilet
  • common hot & cold bath 
  • with fresh linens and towel
Semi-Private Room (2 Persons) - P800/night
  • one double-deck bed
  • common toilet
  • common hot & cold bath
  • with fresh linens and towel
Standard Rooms (2 Persons) - P1200/night
  • two single beds with fresh linens and towels
  • private toilet
  • private hot & cold shower room
Family Room (4 Persons) - P2000/night
  • two rooms with two single beds (Room A) and 1 matrimonial bed (Room B)
  • private toilet
  • with fresh linens and towels
  • private hot & cold shower room
Common toilet and shower rooms could get difficult to use though when there are several other guests trying to use at the same time. If you don't want to wait for your turn, your option is to use the toilet/bath in other floors. But what I really liked is that their hot shower is working fine.

Upstairs' dorm rooms are usually occupied by students who are studying or having exam reviews. Since this is a dorm type accommodation, noise from other rooms and guests is expected.

They also offer complimentary WIFI, free use of computers, local tours, common areas with tables for dining. Unfortunately during our stay they had some issues with their wifi. It was fine as we were out of the hostel during the day anyway. The hostel is also equipped with CCTV cameras to ensure safety.

Upstairs Bed and Bath is a good hotel if you don't expect anything fancy. We love its warm, homey and cozy ambiance and cleanliness. In terms of location, it's very convenient from most of the restaurants in our itinerary, aside from being located right smack at the center of the city. The affordable rate of their dorm rooms is worth every penny for budget-conscious travelers who are looking for a decent place to sleep and shower in Baguio City.

Upstairs Bed & Bath
Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City

Contact details:
074-446-GO-UP (4687)
0932-878-GO-UP (4687)

***This is part of our Baguio Food Tour 2013 series which aims to promote Baguio City as a food trip destination. Victory Liner and Upstairs Bed and Bath are proud partners of this event.***

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