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In the Philippines we are blessed with amazing white sandy beaches, idolised by tourists and available year-round for us. What can be better than heading to an idyllic island, like the Hundred Islands National Park, and setting up camp where you can kick back in hammocks or spend days fishing in the clear blue waters? Can’t think of anything? Well, it’s time to pack your tent and get out into the fresh air.

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But, before you can do that, you’ll want to stock up your BlackBerry 10 and iPhone 5 with some of the most useful apps for a camping trip. Consider that the BlackBerry Z10 price and iPhone 5 price are worth to purchase and support our incredible activity. Here are five:

SAS Survival Guide – While you won’t be getting trapped in polar conditions, this app has tips and information on everything from hunting to first aid for your adventures. Both educational and functional, it comes from the best-selling book and is interesting and informative along with having great features in an easy to use, easy to read style that can help you in times of need.

SkyMap – BlackBerry has one, but the Google option in Android is the best app for this. Ideal for those nights in front of the campfire with a clear sky above you, it gives you a map of the stars and information on everything from galaxies to planets to constellations while also offering an option to take a look at the sky in the future or past.

Travel Packing Aid – This works for any type of holiday really and is a great way to make sure you have everything you need for a trip. There are specific camping apps for this like Camping List Pro+ and Camping List but they come at a price. Don’t let yourself forget an essential item by categorising and customising entries before ticking them off.

Free Light – Five star reviews all round for this app from Javoid. Here you get the option of shining light from your phone with various different features on offer to change and adapt as you wish. The free app has custom colours and allow you to adjust brightness. It is ideal for hiking and camping but can be a battery drainer if you don’t use it sparingly.

Knot Guide – When camping, there are various moments where you need to be able to tie a knot. It all starts from setting the tent up and this app gives you clear photos with a number of categories to choose from. It is initially free but you can upgrade to the premium version for almost 100-knot instructions!

These are give of the best for your camping trip. Alternative options include: Bug Spray – Ultrasonic that emits tones to repel insects, MyNature Animal Tracks where you can identify wildlife and AccuWeather to keep you up to date with forecasts. Now that you have all of your apps, it’s time to locate your campsite! Happy planning.

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