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PinoyTravel: The Future of Pinoy Backpacking?

Those who backpack across the Philippines will tell you that there can be magic when you board a bus headed to your next great adventure. To some, buses even become havens – sanctuaries of peace as they get those last few hours of rest before disembarking on a journey across foreign lands. Those who truly love travel are able to appreciate long bus rides and the promise of adventure that they bring.

Top 5 Freak Out on Camping Apps

In the Philippines we are blessed with amazing white sandy beaches, idolised by tourists and available year-round for us. What can be better than heading to an idyllic island, like the Hundred Islands National Park, and setting up camp where you can kick back in hammocks or spend days fishing in the clear blue waters? Can’t think of anything? Well, it’s time to pack your tent and get out into the fresh air.

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