Where Have I Been this 2011?

I'm so freaking blessed to have traveled to many major destinations in the Philippines this year. One of my new year's resolutions which was to travel only every other month has become an almost monthly routine. I kicked off 2011 with a Puerto Galera getaway and soon found myself crazy booking for domestic flights in every seat sale opportunity I can get. I thought the travel bug was beginning to bite me hard.

Just to summarize, below are the places where I've been in the past year. I will be writing about my adventure in each of these destinations in the next couple of days weeks. Looks like a lot of backlog to catch up on. :-)

Puerto Galera, January 2011

Bohol, February 2011

Boracay, April 2011

Sagada, Mountain Province, May 2011

El Nido, Palawan, July 2011

Caramoan, Camarines Sur, August 2011

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Edcel said...

wow. stunning photos! you took all of these?
saya, nakakarelate ako sa backlogs. maraming mga travel bloggers nyan. hahaha


Gabz said...

Hi Ed, yes I did :)

haha! yes, i have 9 months worth of backlog kasi 1 week ago ko lang naisipan mag-travel blog :D

anyway, i will add up you to my blogroll list. :)

Robbie said...

Nice photos! :D

I also just recently started a travel blog when the travel bug bit me. Nakaka-adik!

I love your layout, too, btw. =)

Gabz said...

Hi Robbie, thanks!

Yes, nakaka adik mag-travel. Na-inspired din ako ng mga travel bloggers na gumawa ng travel blog.

I saw your travel blog, I'm one of your Facebook fans na nga. :D

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

Gabz, I think I will be visiting your blog often coz I'm in love na with your photos na!:D I hope to bump into you in the future and teach me how to take all of these. wow! as in wow! :)

Gabz said...

Hi Gael, wow you dropped by! I'm a fan :-)

Thanks a lot! Yes, hope to meet you too someday. I'll have the autograph ready. :-)

joan | the backpack chronicles said...

wow ang dami mong napuntahan ngayong year pa lang! grabe idol!!! hahaha..

ano palang camera gamit mo? I SUPER LOVE YOUR PICTURES!!!

Gabz said...

Haha! Super thanks! :-)

I was using Nikon D3000. They say it's a horrible Nikon DSLR but I wanted to prove that it's not about the camera. :-P

But I upgraded it to Nikon D5100 na. I took that Caramoan pic with the D5100.

Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

Though your Caramoan and Sagada shot were lovely, the Boracay shot wins my heart... the colors is a real blast of drama, shapes, emotion and romanticism.

3 months to go before 2011 is over, you can get more travels pa, goodluck and enjoy travel!

Pinoy Adventurista said...

Wow! ang dami ah... go go go lang... travel as much as you can... enjoy!!! :)

AJ said...

Wow, your photos are jaw-dropping, no kidding! Especially the Sagada photo - so otherworldly. I'm not even an amateur so for me sobrang ibang level to! :)

And you've been around. I'd be exploring your blog more. But so far, good job!

Gabz said...

@Ian, Pinoy Adventurista and AJ - Thank you! :-)

ayesha isaguirre said...

Really really great photos!

Pinoy Travel Freak said...

Thanks! :-)

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