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How to Get to Sagada from Manila

Sagada is a municipality in Mountain Province located in Northern Luzon, Philippines. Getting to Sagada takes about 12-13 hours by bus from Manila. There is no direct trip to Sagada from Manila but there are 3 routes that you can choose from depending on your preference.

The Scenic and Endless Winding Road to Sagada

Originally, we wanted to go to Caramoan Island in Camarines Sur last May but typhoon Bebeng started rampaging across the whole Bicol region just days before our scheduled trip. Good thing we had planned for a Sagada trip as a Plan B. We only had less than a week to finalize everything but organizing a trip to Sagada did not seem to be a daunting task. Thanks to dozens of information all over the internet.

It takes at least 12 hours to reach Sagada from Manila by bus. Although there are no direct trips from Manila, there are three available options on how to get there. is a great website that has everything you need to know when planning for your do-it-yourself (DIY) Sagada getaway.

My friend and I chose the Manila-Baguio City-Sagada route. I know most people would leave Manila by midnight just in time to catch the first trip of buses bound for Sagada in Baguio. However, we didn't like the idea of sitting for at least 12 straight hours on the bus (6 hours from Manila to Baguio, another 6 hours from Baguio to Sagada). It would be our first time to travel that long by bus, if ever.

So off we went to Victory Liner terminal in Pasay and took the 11:00 AM trip bound for Baguio City. We decided to stay in Baguio for a night.

Gloomy sunset view from SM Baguio