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Boracay is finally back to business. After 6 months of anxiously waiting, I was among the many who were very excited to see and experience the new Boracay, or what they call Boracay 2.0. So what are the changes? I'll answer that in my upcoming vlog but before that, let me share with you my experience in staying in one of the best accommodations in the island.

Cleaner and better Boracay

List of DOT-Accredited Boracay Hotels and Resorts (Updated March 2019)

Boracay is finally open again to public on October 2018 after it was closed for 6 months for rehabilitation and restoration. Along with the opening of Boracay come new and stricter rules and regulations to ensure cleanliness and preserve the natural beauty of this paradise island. Among the new rules include regulating the number of tourists that enter the island and allowing only certain establishments to operate - those that have complied to the requirements of the government.

Travel Photo Friday: Boracay Sunset

Boracay Island is 5 hours away from where I used to live. Living in Iloilo City gave me the opportunity to visit the island frequently. Perhaps seeing the Boracay sunset several times has made me care less about it. However, my recent visit to Boracay last April was different. The sunset was too beautiful to ignore. Boracay may have become very polluted, but the beauty of its sunset remains as splendid as ever.