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Guisi Lighthouse: Historical and Sightseeing Spot in Guimaras

Guisi Lighthouse was the first destination in my solo day trip in Guimaras. According to my driver, it is the farthest spot in my itinerary so we decided to visit it first while the rest of the places to be visited on the way back. The first half of the drive to Guisi was smooth while offering some nice countryside view of Guimaras. The second half was bumpy and sloppy due to bad road conditions. This gave me an impression that Guisi Lighthouse is still off the radar of most tourists.

View of Guisi Beach at the top of the old lighthouse

My Solo Day Trip in Guimaras

In order to maximize my stay in Iloilo City, I decided to go for a solo day trip to Guimaras Island two days before the Ati Tribe Competition which was the highlight of Dinagyang Festival. I've been to Guimaras Island numerous times since my high school years but never did I hear about Guisi Lighthouse until about recently. Also, another discovery that led me to embark on this trip alone was the island hopping activity, which I'd never heard of before too. The only thing that I knew Guimaras was famous for were the sweet mangoes. :-)

Guisi Lighthouse