Caramoan: Cagbalinad Island

Cagbalinad Island was our second stop right after visiting Lahos Island. Travel time from Lahos to Cagbalinad took about 10 minutes. Cagbalinad is actually an islet with small beach that is swallowed by water during high tide. The sand was very fine and white and compact. In fact, we didn't see any footprints on the beach - a sign that no other visitors were here when we arrived. We had the beach to ourselves!

View of lush green mountain of Gota Island

View of Gota Island on further right. Hunongan Cove is already visible from this spot.

From among the islands that we visited, I think this was one of those that offers privacy and relaxation. The receding sand and water due to low tide created spacious gaps at the base of rocks where you can take shade and lie beneath. One of our guides took a nap under one of the huge rocks while we strolled around the island.

The impressive feature of this islet are its beautiful rock formations. Thrill-seekers would find this place a good spot for rock climbing adventures. What actually amazed me was the panoramic view of Gota Island right across it. The view was nothing short of spectacular and perfect for landscape photography. We couldn't resist taking the opportunity to take a lot of photos. We couldn't take our eyes off of the scenery in front of us.

One of our guides found shade under these huge rocks

First time to see this type of starfish

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AC the wanderer said...

Ganda! parang Coron... didn't know there were these karst formations in Camarines as well

I like your blog very much! very vivid pictures!

Pinoy Travel Freak said...

Hey, thanks! Yes lots of karst limestone formations. :)

You should check out Caramoan, it's dubbed as Philippines' Hidden Paradise. :)

ian | going places said...

I just love your photography! Everything capture the beauty of Cagbalinad Island in all angles!
The rock formations are the nice feature of the island.

Pinoy Travel Freak said...

Thanks! Yes, the rock formations are awesome! :-)

Penfires! said...

Ganda pagmasdan especially the 2nd pic! Sana sometime soon makapunta din ako sa Caramoan *crossing fingers :)

Pinoy Travel Freak said...

Malayo lang talaga sya but the trip is worth it. :-)

©|Chino said...

I thought I was looking at island in Palawan. Bagets are planning to visit caramoan in May .Hopefully magmaterialize lahat.

Pinoy Travel Freak said...

Oh, you will love it there! Sana nga matuloy kayo. :-)

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