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Falling in Love with the Islands of El Nido (Part 2)

What an exciting second day we had! If you read my previous post, I described how the beauty of El Nido captivated me so much. We felt blessed because God has literally placed us in the middle of paradise to experience its magnificence and appreciate His amazing works.

The first time I watched the film "The Beach" starred by Leonardo DiCaprio, it became an instant favorite. I just couldn't help myself wishing I could see the place at least once in my life! This made our decision to choose Tour C over B for our second island hopping day tour. The tour includes the visit to a secret beach which is said to be one of Alex Garland's inspirations for his novel "The Beach". It may not be the "beach" featured in the movie but the idea excited us!

Day 3 - Island Hopping Tour C

Just like on second day, the third day started with heavy rain. Our excitement meter was absolutely pretty high so the weather failed to dampen our desire to see the islands waiting for us. The family of 19 members who was with us the previous day was scheduled for tour B. We were supposed to go with them but since we chose tour C, our guide from Hadefe had to look for another boat operator where we could join.

Kuya Loloy, our tour guide since day one, actually tried to convince us the day before to go with them on tour B. The reason was that he can personally watch us over. He had to be with the family because the children needed more attention in terms of safety. We appreciate their concern for us but we insisted on going on with tour C. We thought we're fine without him. So he booked us to another boat scheduled for tour C the next day, and even made assurance that we're gonna be safe with our new guide. The boat that picked us up that morning was a small one and aboard it was a couple who eventually became our friends.

1. Hidden Beach

Amazing crystal clear water of Hidden Beach