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Getting from CDO to Camiguin via Balingoan Port

The trip to Camiguin was one of the highlights of our Northern Mindanao adventure. Camiguin is also called as the “Island Born of Fire” as it is believed to have been created from volcanic eruptions. It is the second smallest province in the country yet it boasts plenty of natural attractions and historical sights.

Pulo Islet found in front of Balingoan wharf. There is a big white cross on top of it.

First Time and (Mis)adventures in Mindanao

Finally, I get to share one of my unforgettable and exciting trips last year which was visiting Mindanao for the first time. We experienced a series of misadventures but Northern Mindanao gave us loads of fun, surprises and adventures that we don't mind coming back again.

Exploring Northern Mindanao