7 Valuable Australia Travel Tips for the Best Holiday Experience

So you’re heading to Oz for your next vacation? Sounds very good, you’re in for a really great time. While there will always be enough to create a lasting impression in your heart, it always makes sense to get yourself prepared for what’s coming.

This is especially necessary if this is your very first trip to Australia. We’ll be discussing valuable Australia travel tips. Want to learn about accommodations in Australia and a lot of other things you’ll likely experience? This article will make sure you aren’t caught unaware.

Here, let’s go!

1. The Land of Oz is Big… Like Really Big!

For one moment, take your mind away from what you’ve seen on the maps and let’s face reality. Sydney to Melbourne seems like they are close to each other but it’s a straight 10 hours drive without any stop. Sydney to Cairns will take almost a day, and Sydney to Perth will take most of your weekdays with enough stops.

We love road trips and they are awesome but hey, if you’ll be spending a limited time here, you’ll probably have to consider domestic flights.

2. The Sun Here is Definitely Hot!

And we aren’t sugarcoating that.

The sun is fiercely hot and you’ll want to cover up properly so you don’t get sun-burnt. You’ll want to slip, slop, and slap like the Aussies would say. So, you’ll basically slip on a shirt, slop on your sunscreen, and then slap on your hat!

This is no doubt one of the most valuable Australia travel tips you’ll get anywhere.

3. Get to Know the Local Language

First, Aussies like to shorten their words so you can expect to be called Stevie instead of Stephen or Robie if you’re Robert.

Secondly, there are a few differences in the slangs and words of the Australian English. Here, thongs are flip flops and gas is petrol. Boot is called trunk and Ute is pickup truck.

Let’s say you’re watching a sport with some of your new friends. You don’t want to ask them who they are rooting for. That will sound awkward as rooting here means having sex, and not cheering or support.

4. Keep Your Generosity in Check

Tipping is part of the American culture and many other parts of the world. It is however not common in Australia. This is probably because workers here are some of the best paid in the world.

Except maybe you’re in a very high-end restaurant, someone will probably call you back to take the change you’ve forgotten. Have this at the back of your mind for your trip to Australia.

5. You Can Drink Local

Perhaps you want to have the night out. If you willing to indulge in a few drinks, there are a lot of local micro-breweries with different beer flavors you may want to try out.

Aussies like ciders and you’ll also find them aplenty. You can as well try out some eco-friendly Australian beer too if you want to have a taste of green beer.

6. You’ll Like it Here… No Doubt!

Australia is called Oz for a lot of reasons.

Perhaps you’ll be tempted to push for a temporary move after your holiday. Most tourists fall in love eventually and often find it kinda emotional and difficult to say goodbye when it’s finally time to leave.

There are a lot of attractions you’ll want to explore. Most people just can’t get enough of these. This reminds us how easy it is to pile up the bills especially for the adventure lovers.

Australia is really expensive

And it will cost you about $100 to $200 for accommodation, food, and other activities each day.

You may consider getting one of the best cheap hotels in Australia to reduce this burden.

7. You Can Still Get Affordable Accommodations in Australia

When it’s finally time to make your trip to Australia, know this that you can still get affordable accommodation to save you significant money which you can spend on other memorable activities.

Use Hotels.com to Find Affordable Accommodations in Australia

Hotels.com can easily be used if you want affordable accommodations in Australia. All you have to do is just sign in to your hotels.com account via the app or website. This will open you up to a range of cheap hotels in Australia that will still offer you great comfort and convenience.

Benefit from Black Friday Sales to Save More on Accommodation

You can even benefit from the current Black Friday Sale if your trip to Australia falls within this holiday period. This will open you up to a range of more affordable accommodations in Australia during this period if you book your accommodation through hotels.com.

Enjoy a Memorable Time in the Land of Oz

You’ll be saving more on accommodation.

This means you’ll have more money to spend on other things to make your holiday even more enjoyable and memorable.

Up there are our valuable Australia travel tips. These will help you solve the major issue of accommodations in Australia. Additionally, they will also set you on course to enjoy the best of your moments here.

Welcome to ‘Straya, mate!
You’re in for a swell time!

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