Travel Guide: Tatlong Pulo Beach, Guimaras

Guimaras Island is among the smallest provinces in the Philippines. It's considered small yet it's rich in terms of natural wonders and beautiful landscape such as pristine and serene beaches and secluded resorts. One of the beaches that's less popular and crowded and is considered a hidden paradise in Guimaras is Tatlong Pulo Beach.

White sand beach of Talong Pulo Beach Resort

My last blog regarding Guimaras was about my first island hopping experience in Alubihod Beach. One of my followers who saw my Instagram posts about it gave me a tip to visit another less popular beach destination in the island. That's when I first learned about Tatlong Pulo. Tatlong Pulo is located in Brgy. Sinapsapan in Jordan, the capital of Guimaras. You see, even though I've been to Guimaras for a number of times (I'm from Iloilo City, by the way), there's always something new to see and explore in this "tiny" island province.

Tatlong Pulo (or "Three Islands" in English) was named after the three karst formations or islets facing the beach. What makes Tatlong Pulo different from other beaches I've experienced in Guimaras is the lack of electricity supply. Maybe because of this reason that this place is not a popular choice for most tourists. Meanwhile, it's for the same exact reason why I love it. The lack of access to power, aside from its remote location, keeps it from being flocked by tourists, maintaining its raw, natural beauty.

Since Guimaras Island is very accessible from Iloilo City, those who visit Western Visayas usually add Guimaras as a side trip. One can visit Alubihod Beach, Guisi Beach or Tatlong Pulo on a day trip, without spending a night in the island. Whether going on a day trip or staying overnight in Tatlong Pulo, let me share this travel guide for your reference.

How to Get There:

1. From Iloilo City, take a public boat from Ortiz Port to Jordan Wharf. Take note that you have to go to Ortiz Wharf, and not in Parola Wharf. Boats from Parola Wharf are bound for Buenavista which is more far if your destination is Alubihod Beach or Tatlong Pulo. Fare is P22 per person (as of January 16, 2020) and boats leave every 15 minutes. Travel time is 10-15 minutes.

2. Take a jeepney from Jordan Wharf to Alibhon Market. Fare is P13 per person. Travel time is 20-30 minutes. If you don't want to wait for the jeepney to fill up, you can hire a private tricycle for P300 per way from Jordan Wharf to take you directly to Tatlong Pulo.

3. From Alibhon Market, look for the terminal of tricycle or habal-habal where you can get a ride to Tatlong Pulo. Fare is P100-150 per person per way. Habal-habal can carry a maximum of 2 passengers while tricycle can carry 4-5 persons. Travel time is more or less one hour.

Other options:

1. The road to Tatlong Pulo is very rough and bumpy, especially if you're taking a habal-habal or tricycle. You can charter a boat from Jordan Wharf to take you directly to Talong Pulo Beach, avoiding the long and difficult road.

2. Tatlong Pulo is also accessible by boat from Alubihod Beach. It's actually offered as one of the options to visit during the island hopping tours. One of my readers said you can avail of the tour package at P1,000 to Tatlong Pulo Beach.

3. From Jordan Wharf, aircon taxi services are also offered. You can also book the multicab from Tatlong Pulo Beach Resort from Jordan Wharf for P1,000 per way. Commute will be more bearable using these options.

Where to Stay:

There are beach coves in Tatlong Pulo that are accessible through separate resorts. Two of the resorts I know are below.

1. Tatlong Pulo Beach Resort

This is the most popular resort in Tatlong Pulo where I visited. They have the best beach and view of the three islands I think. Unfortunately, electricity is not available in Tatlong Pulo. They have a few beach huts for rent and limited number of cottages for overnight stay.

Entrance fee - P100/person for day trip and P200/person for overnight stay. Cottage rental is P350 for day trip or overnight. (Rates as of August 2017)

Contact Information:
09158787377 - Gigi

2. Sinoguora Beach Resort (formerly Balingasag Beach Resort)

This is the first resort that you will see upon arriving in Tatlong Pulo, and they are just situated beside Tatlong Pulo Beach Resort. Update as of January 2020: I was able to visit the resort and found out they changed their name to Sinoguora Beach Resort. Among the resorts in Brgy. Sinapsapan, they have the best facilities including 24/7 electricity. Their best feature is the floating cottage.

Entrance feeDay trip - P50
Overnight stay - P150
*7 years old and below - FREE
*No corkage fee

Mini Nipa shade with table & chair - P350
Nipa shade table - P350
Front cottage (Fan) - P1500 (10 pax)
Small cottage (Fan) - P800 (4-6 pax)
Twin cottage - P1500 (8-10 pax)
Big cottage - P2000 (10-15 pax)
Kayak - P150/hour
Tent - P250
Videoke - 18-/hour
Island hopping - P800 (8 pax)
Floating cottage - P2000 for day (additional P1500 for night time)
Restobar small room - P800
Medium - P 1200
Big - P1500
Aircon cottage - P3000 (6-8 pax)
Aircon small - P1500 (2-4 pax)
Common CR and showers are provided at the back area of the resort

Contact Information:
Randy Toledano
Two of the beach huts with built-in cottage (second floor) in Tatlong Pulo Beach Resort

Travel Tips and Reminders:

1. Electricity is not available in the area so make sure to bring your flashlight and powerbank. Take note that bonfire is not allowed on the beach. Also, don't forget to bring a high-quality waterproof phone case to protect your mobile phone from accidentally getting wet.

2. If you're taking the tricycle (which I did), it may not get you directly to the beach/resort due to the bad road condition. You will need to hike a steep road for 20-30 minutes going to the beach. It can be quite challenging and exhausting that's why other commute options (chartering a boat or renting their multicab) are better especially for big groups since they can directly take you to the resorts with much less hassle.

Watch the short video of my trip using my Nikon KeyMission 170 (you can get one from Henry's Professional).

3. Tatlong Pulo Beach Resort has only 3 cottages for sleeping so it's recommended to book in advance especially if you're visiting during peak season such as holidays and weekends. I'm not sure if they have tents for rent but in case they have, I think it's very limited only. I did not stay overnight in the resort by the way.

4. They offer food/paluto but if you prefer, you can bring your own food by buying your supplies in Alibhon Market first before heading there. They have some facilities for grilling food.

5. For easier transportation going back to Jordan Wharf or anywhere in the island, arrange with your driver to pick up you up at a certain time and day.

6. I'm using a Globe sim and fortunately, mobile signal is pretty strong in Tatlong Pulo. I was able to upload Instagram photo and stories while there.

7. Island hopping is also offered from Tatlong Pulo Beach. They also have a small paddle boat for rent if you want to get to the islands just a few meters from the beach. There's a small beach cove and a hut where you can chill and hang out with your family and friends.

8. For other pricing details and more information not mentioned here, I suggest you contact them directly at the contact number provided above.

Have you been to Tatlong Pulo in Jordan, Guimaras? Share your experience and travel tips in the comment section below. You may also want to check out my posts about Alubihod Beach and Guisi Beach in Guimaras.


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