3 Must-Have GoPro Accessories

GoPro has been my second favorite travel buddy, next to my DSLR camera, when it comes to taking travel photos and videos. For action camera owners like me, having every kind of accessories helps us make the most out of traveling with this little camera.

Owning a GoPro comes along buying accessories such as mounts, cases, filter, etc. Depending on how you use and what you use your GoPro for, having the right accessories will let you maximize your camera. For example, bikers will find bike handlebar and helmet mounts useful to capture action-packed POV, while videographers will find stabilizers essential for taking smooth videos.

But there are accessories that are commonly important for any type of GoPro users. If you are a regular user who travels a lot like I do, you will find these GoPro accessories necessary for your next out-of-town trip.

1. Sandmarc Pole Black Edition

For selfie lovers out there, this GoPro accessory is a must have! Since I travel solo most of the time, having a selfie stick is my savior and I never have to bother anyone to take photos of myself! Which means it must be long enough to capture as much view - just like the Sandmarc Pole Black Edition which extends up to 40 inches long. Despite its length, it retracts to 17 inches only - that means it's low profile and can be easily carried and kept inside the backpack. It's also light at 0.25 kgs.

I remember how hard my previous monopod was to use since it doesn't have any locking system when extended. If you're adventurous, the locking mechanism of Sandmarc Pole Black Edition is great for extreme activities such as canyoneering and river rafting. The rubber grip will help you securely hold the monopod, while the adjustable wrist strap will help you keep the monopod in case it slips out of your hand.

Sandmarc is one of my trusted names hence quality is not a question. By the way, the Sandmarc Pole Black Edition is completely waterproof which means you can use it in any water activities. It costs PhP2,180 only. Its premium feel, quality material, and durability make it worth its price.

2. Sandmarc Pole Carbon Grip

Another Sandmarc favorite of mine is the Sandmarc Pole Carbon Grip. This is a mini version of the regular monopod, which means it's very compact and easy to use. In contrast with a regular stick, Carbon Grip has a fixed length and takes closer and versatile shots. It's a great alternative for longer poles and functions as a hand grip and floater. Yes, it's waterproof and floats in the water! Aside from that, it's also salt proof.

The name comes from the material used, carbon fiber, which keeps it light, durable and strong. This accessory can be used in diving, surfing, and all kinds of water sports. Due to easy hand grip and being lightweight, I find it a perfect pair for my dome port. The Sandmarc Carbon Grip costs PhP 1,720 only.

3. Wasabi Power Batteries

I think this is one of the accessories I can't live, err, travel without. Any GoPro users know that a single battery can last for up to 2-3 hours only when taking videos, which is why having extra batteries is a necessity.

The Wasabi Power Battery kit comes with a dual charger, two rechargeable batteries rated at 1160 mAh each (same capacity with the standard battery of GoPro Hero 4 Silver), and a USB car adapter. Having spare batteries lets me shoot videos even while on the road. Even if you have extra batteries, my tip is to have a portable power bank handy. The USB charger can let you charge two batteries at the same time via a power bank, that means you will never run out of power needed for your day-long adventures.

You can get the Wasabi Power Battery and Dual Charger for PhP 1,980 only. Take note that this specific battery kit is compatible with Hero 4 Black and Silver. For HD Hero, HD Hero 2, and Hero 3 users, visit this link for compatible battery kits.

The Sandmarc Pole Black Edition, Sandmarc Pole Carbon Grip, and Wasabi Power Battery kit are available at www.globalgears.net. Anyone within the Philippines can order via their website. Check out their Instagram or Facebook page for more awesome action cam gears and accessories.

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