Full List of 90 Amazing Waterfalls in Cebu

No doubt Cebu is one of the country's top tourist destinations and when you mention the name of the province, Cebu is always associated with endless white-sand beaches and world-class diving spots. Aside from top-notch beaches and resorts, Cebu's nature-based attractions draw countless visitors too—including the waterfall lovers.

Kawasan Falls is perhaps the most popular waterfalls not only in Cebu, but in the entire Philippines. Another well-known waterfalls is Tumalog Falls, which has become part of a combo tour with the whale shark interaction activities in Oslob. If you've been to Cebu, specifically southern Cebu, chances are you've experienced either or both of these waterfalls.

But did you know Cebu has 90 or more waterfalls found all over the province?

Yes, you read it rightthere are NINETY waterfalls in Cebu—from high, wide and narrow to tiered, segmented and horsetail type. Little did I (and most of you, for sure) know that Cebu is haven of 90 different waterfalls as of this writingdefinitely more than the number of beaches it's primarily known for!

So without further ado, here's a comprehensive list of waterfalls in Cebu province (as of September 14, 2015).

Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu

Indefinite Inventory of Waterfalls in Cebu Province

Cebu City

1. Buktot Falls
2. Kabang Falls
3. Gaas Falls
4. Himbabawud Falls
5. Tinisik-Uwang Falls
6. Padidit Falls
7. Lut-od Falls
8. Kawa Falls
9. Liki Falls
10. Binaliw Falls
11. Mangasang Falls
12. Lusaran Falls
13. Mauyog Falls
14. Linut-od Falls
15. Dita/Yaya Falls
16. Saki Falls
17. Hush Puppies Falls
18. Kahugan Falls
19. Kalunasan Falls
20. Masaba Falls
21. Guining Falls
22. Lanipao Falls
23. Balisong Falls
24. Tabunan Falls

Southern Cebu

1. Malingin Falls, Minglanilla
2. Campo Cuatro Falls, Talisay
3. Igotan Falls, Talisay
4. Manipis Falls, Talisay
5. Busay Falls, San Fernando
6. Lisuran Falls, San Fernando
7. Malingin Falls, Carcar
8. Mantayupan Falls, Barili
9. Kawasan Falls, Badian
10. Pityak Falls, Dumanjug
11. Lelo-an Falls, Dumanjug
12. Lusno Falls, Ronda
13. Lapnis Falls, Ronda
14. Bugasok Falls, Moalboal
15. Buktot/Taginis Falls, Moalboal
16. Batad Batad Falls, Moalboal
17. Canlaob Falls, Alegria
18. Kawa-kawa Falls, Alegria
19. Kitara/Tigib Falls, Alegria
20. Montpeller Falls, Alegria
21. Cancalanog Falls, Alegria
22. Kambais Falls, Alegria
23. Kabutongan Falls, Malabuyoc
24. MontaƱeza Falls, Malabuyoc
25. Handigan Falls, Malabuyoc
26. Tizon Falls, Malabuyoc
27. Balobo Falls, Malabuyoc
28. Kampael Falls, Ginatilan
29. Bugnawan Falls, Ginatilan
30. Inambakan Falls, Ginatilan
31. Aguinid Falls, Samboan
32. Binalayan Falls, Samboan
33. Trabon Falls, Samboan
34. Kang Minggay Falls, Samboan
35. Candayvic Falls, Samboan
36. Tabon Falls, Samboan
37. Kanciahan Falls, Samboan
38. Dao Falls, Samboan
39. Balay'g Sawa Falls, Samboan
40. Kan Amno Falls, Boljoon
41. Dayhag Falls, Boljoon
42. Gulas Falls, Boljoon
43. Liki Falls, Pinamungajan
44. Udlom Falls, Pinamungajan
45. Sinungkulan Falls, Pinamungajan
46. Manguyakuya Falls, Toledo
47. Maglukso Falls, Santander
48. Cabutongan Falls, Santander
49. Ambacan Falls, Oslob
50. Tumalog Falls, Oslob
51. Bugasok Falls, Argao

Northern Cebu

1. Cabadiangan Falls, Compostela
2. Danasan Waterfalls, Danao
3. Mangitngit Falls, Carmen
4. Kanting-go Falls, Catmon
5. Mamig Falls, Catmon
6. Song-on Falls, Catmon
7. Kanggagawan Falls, Catmon
8. Tinubdan Falls, Catmon
9. Bagatayam Falls, Sogod
10. Uwangan Falls, Tabuelan
11. Mag-atubang Twin Falls, Tuburan
12. Amatugan, Tuburan
13. Mag-upi Falls, Tuburan
14. Panganuron Falls, Tudela
15. Busay Falls, Camotes

Whew. What a list! It's 90 and I've only been to eight (the ones in bold)!


My adventurous friends from Cebu have now recorded a total of 111 Cebu waterfalls. That's 21 newly discovered waterfalls a year after this list came out! See, nature lovers and waterfall chasers have a lot more to see and explore in Cebu. Click here to see the full list.

Tumalog Falls in Oslob, Cebu

Aguinid Falls in Samboan, Cebu

Meet The Waterfall Chasers of Cebu

I wasn't a die-hard fan of waterfalls (my Instagram feed tells I'm a beach person), until my recent trip to the "Queen City of the South" which kicked in my love for this natural splendor. I was lucky to have met a group of fellow travelers from Cebu who share the same passion for outdoor and adventure.

Thanks to Instagram because that's where I first met these weekend wanderers, or more appropriately self-confessed "waterfall chasers", who have been sharing amazing photos of various waterfalls in Cebu one after another. Following their adventures eventually spurred my wanderlust in exploring and rediscovering south Cebu myself.

Based on cursory Google search, you won't find a list as massive as this so many thanks to Migs, Elei and Pat for compiling their individual listings and for allowing me to share this with everyone.

According to the group, they've been to 75% of these waterfalls, and 10% of this list was actually discovered by them (first non-locals who got to visit and take photographs) coupled with luck, inquisitive attitude, and determination. Very impressive!

You should check out their Instagram feed for more spectacular photos of top Cebu waterfalls from the certified waterfall chasers themselves!

@vivomigsgee: Snapped at the fourth level of Aguinid Falls, I’d say this is a spectacle no urban masterpiece can beat!

@iameleimath: Awe-inspired by the majestic beauty of Dao Falls, Samboan.

@therealpatlim: Taken at Mag-Atubang Falls in Tuburan, Cebu. This trip was particularly memorable to me as this was one of the most challenging solo trips I made - based on distance and accessibility.

A photo posted by PAT LIM (@therealpatlim) on

They also shared, "By the love of the outdoors and being one with nature, chasing waterfalls gives us an exhilarating experience and a sense of fulfillment. Initially, we've separately visited different waterfalls each week and made an individual listing to keep track of what falls we have visited and where to visit next. After we’ve bumped to each other in IG, the puzzle then fell into place. We consolidated our individual listings and come up with an indefinitive inventory of all waterfalls in Cebu Province. We strongly believe there's a lot more tucked away deep in the lush mountain barangays of Cebu awaiting to be discovered. And with that being said, we’re enthusiastic to add new one to our list!"

The word "indefinite" clearly indicates that there could be more waterfalls out there in Cebu that are yet to be explored and this unofficial list could grow. And thanks to these awesome guys for sharing their discovery with us!

And here's a realization: just when I thought I've visited too many waterfalls during my last trip, it sounds like I will be coming over to Cebu again and again to check off the list one by one.

Below are some of the waterfalls I was able to see.

Hello, Inambakan Falls! This is one of the three waterfalls I visited in Ginatilan, Cebu.
Posted by Pinoy Travel Freak on Wednesday, September 2, 2015

How many of the best waterfalls in Cebu have you been to? How many in the list would you like to visit on your next trip? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! Also, if you have information about other waterfalls in Cebu that aren't in the list, feel free to let me know.

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