Travel Photo Friday: Stunning sandbar of Kalanggaman Island in Leyte

Kalanggaman Island in Palompon, Leyte has probably one of the best sandbars I've ever been! Its powdery white sand and crystal clear turquoise water will definitely leave you breathless.

Postcard-perfect view of Kalanggaman Island's white sandbar in Palompon, Leyte

I've seen plenty of nice sandbars in all my beach trips around the Philippines but this one located in the western part of Leyte is the most gorgeous, both in photo and in person, I've seen. Kalanggaman Island can be accessed by boat for more than an hour from Palompon mainland. The island's name came from Cebuano term "langgam" which means bird. The island has two sandbars extending on both sides forming a shape of a bird thus the name, "Kalanggaman".

There are no resorts or accommodations in the island so if you plan to stay overnight, make sure to bring your tent, food and other essential stuff. Boat transfer must be arranged with the tourism office in Palompon. Complete travel guide will be posted soon.

What's the best sandbar you've ever been to?

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