Island Hopping Tour in Guimaras

Island hopping was the highlight of my solo trip in Guimaras Island. Aside from being known as the home of the sweetest mangoes in the world, Guimaras has a handful of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Some of the best-kept secrets Guimaras Island has to offer include white-sand beaches, waterfalls, springs and off-shore islets. Eager to explore these natural wonders, I grabbed the opportunity to do island hopping in Guimaras when I had the chance to visit the island from Iloilo City.

Island hopping starts from Alubihod Beach, Guimaras

After taking my lunch at Raymen Beach Resort, I went to register for the island hopping tour. Raymen Beach Resort is located in Alubihod Beach in Nueva Valencia, the jump-off point for island hopping. They have fixed rates for island hopping and the prices depend on the number of passengers and how long you will rent the boat.

Guimaras Island Hopping Rates:

6 Persons
First 1 hour - P400
Succeeding per hour - P150
10 Persons
First 1 hour - P500
Succeeding per hour - P150
50 Persons
First 1 hour - P2000
Succeeding per hour - P500
Rent for snorkel gears - P100

View of Alubihod Beach from the boat

Refreshing turquoise water of Alubihod Beach

Even though I was solo, I had to pay for the minimum of P400 since I will be renting the whole boat for myself. In my itinerary, I allotted at least two hours for this activity which was still flexible depending on how long we would be able to cover all the islands in the list. I estimated that two hours was enough as I wasn't planning to stay long in each destination. I told the boat men that my goal was just to see and take photos so they can squeeze as many islands as possible. I initially paid P550 for the island hopping tour, good for two hours.

The island hopping started at almost 2:00 PM. Together with me were the captain of the boat and his assistant on a medium-sized boat that could carry at least 10 persons I think. Meanwhile, the driver of my rented tricycle waited for me while I do the island hopping. I hired him for an all-day Guimaras island tour so his time for waiting was considered paid. He took me to Guisi Beach and Guisi Lighthouse earlier so it was an opportunity for him to take a rest while I was off to the islands.

Some of the islands that you can visit during the island hopping tour in Guimaras include SEAFDEC Research Station, Ave Maria Islet, Fairy Castle, Baras Beach, Natago Beach, Solly-Luna, Isla Naburot, Turtle Island, Lawi Marine Turtle Rescue Center and more. We weren't able to visit all of the places in the list but two hours was just enough for me to experience some of the hidden paradise in Guimaras.

I will be posting more pics in separate blog posts for each destination but here are the photos of some of the places I was able to see. UPDATE: Click the link below to take you to a separate blog post about the destination.

SEAFDEC Research Station

Ave Maria Islet

Pawikan or Turtle Island

Baras Cave

Natago Beach Resort

Guimaras island hopping map (Photo credit:

How to Get to Alubihod Beach

From Jordan Wharf, rent a tricycle or motorcycle to Alubihod Beach. Rental fee is P250 per way. Travel time is 30-40 minutes. You can also take a jeepney if you're willing to wait for it to get filled up and don't mind the random stops to pick up and drop off passengers. For big groups, you can rent a jeepney or multicab. You can tell the driver when to pick you up or you can rent a different tricycle from Alubihod Beach back to Jordan Wharf. If you hire a tricycle for an all-day island tour, transportation from and to Alubihod Beach is normally included in the tour fee.

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21 comments: said...

jealous of your pics... we're getting a new DSLR this coming May. we snorkelled in the coral sanctuary outiside SEAFDEC and our favorite location there is Ave Maria islet. great posts, Gabz... maybe in April or May we're gonna go to Islas de Gigantes.

Pinoy Travel Freak said...

Thanks! :) Ave Maria was one of my favorites too. Have a great trip to Islas de Gigantes! :)

Mark Joseph Gesite said...

It is always nice to take pictures when the sun is very harsh, all the clouds and the colors are so vivid and lively! Guimaras is an amazing place to visit!

Joshua said...

I'll be going to Guimaras in June and I'm already excited to see what this place has to offer.

Rochkirstin Santos said...

That island sure looks promising! I'd tell my mom about Guimaras for our next island hopping destination. Yay! :)

Dust Gaudan said...

This is where the oil spill happened right? Good to know that everything's well now. I would want to visit this place soon. How far is Guimaras to Dumaguete?

Kim Nieves said...

Beautiful Guimaras! It's definitely going to be a part of my go-to list!

Franc Ramon said...

Guimaras does look like such a perfect place for divers and snorkelers plus those who appreciate nature.

Francis Balgos said...

I miss Guimaras.. Awww!
First time Ive been here was when I was still a first year college dude.
It was the first white sand beach I've experienced.

MissApriil said...

WOW! I didn't know Guimaras was this beautiful! And the Island Hopping rates are WAAAAY cheaper than the others.

Ron Leyba said...

Guimaras, by looking at the above photos of yours, is far from its look after the dreaded oil leak years ago. Great effort by the locals in there to clean their beaches.

Claire Rafols said...

Guimaras is known for its sweet mango and the rest of the island is very majestic. I really want to visit this place. Hopefully, meron murang ticket from Davao.

Trisha Kue U said...

Not a big fan of water but island hopping sure sounds like a lot of fun!

Otep Zablan said...

Guimaras ang isa sa pinaka hindi ko malilimutang travel, sa sobrang babaw kasi ng mga corals nagkasugat-sugat kami, pero great experience talaga :)

Paula O said...

solo trip lang? :-)

Pinoy Travel Freak said...

Yup! :)

Pinoy Travel Freak said...

Agreed! :)

ian | going places said...

This is tough... each of your photos seems competing with each other in terms of clarity, details, richness, and view of the photos itself. Each are beautiful and beautifully taken. I like your Baras Cave photo... as it first caught my eye! But the other photos are so hard to missed too!

I wished we visited Isla Pulang Pasayan and passed by Isla Naburot - we missed those islands during the trip to Guimaras because of the time constraint too. Nawili din kami ng maigi sa SEAFDEC nun.

Pinoy Travel Freak said...

Thanks, Ian. I wasn't able to visit Pulang Pasayan too because of time constraint. Next time I will try to spend more time dun sa islands and beaches na dinaanan lang namin.

Sheila Ann said...

Hi! I happened to browse your photo of palompon island when it was featured in instagram by @beautifuldestinations. As such I'm wondering if you have any itenerary to recommend like interesting places to go when back-packing in philippines. Thanks.

Mikito Ohara said...

Awesome shots!

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