Guimaras: Ave Maria Islet

Ave Maria Islet was the second stop in my island hopping tour in Guimaras and my most favorite. It is one of the smaller islands that features some rock formations and a white-sand beach located in Lawi, Jordan. As compared to SEAFDEC, Ave Maria Islet is near from the jump-off point of island hopping which is the Alubihod Beach.

A beautiful patch of beach at Ave Maria Islet

I mentioned it being my most favorite simply because the beach or sandbar has very fine, white sand surrounded by crystal clear water. The island is uninhabited and you won't find any cottages here except for a dilapidated nipa hut on its rocky side. There was no other visitor at the time so it felt like I was in my own deserted island.

Ave Maria is small yet undeniably charming. According to the guide, Ave Maria Islet got its name from a grotto-like rock formation found in the island. It's good for beach bumming, swimming and snorkeling--which I didn't get to personally experience since I only dropped by to take some photos. Depending on the time of the day, the beach can be submerged by water during high tide.

Across the islet is the popular Pawikan or Turtle Island which was my next stopover.

Almost powdery, white-sand beach of Ave Maria Island

Very refreshing, crystal clear water of Ave Maria Islet

Beach extending towards the rocky side

View of Pawikan or Turtle Island from Ave Maria Islet

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Roaming Couple said...

still our favorite spot in Guimaras... napakaganda ng lugar na to 360 degrees!

ian | going places said...

This is also my favorite among the islands we hopped in Guimaras... It has a beautiful beach, clear waters, clean and magnificent seascapes! I didn't see the grotto why the island is called for but we were informed about it by the boatman...

Pinoy Travel Freak said...

Almost everyone I know who visited this islet this is also their most favorite. :)

Kathleen | Da Social Climber said...

uy! trip ko tong mga islands dito sa guimaras.. at sa Iloilo din. yung sa may conception na sandbar.. Too bad hindi kami nakabisita dun

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