Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon is famous for its dual zipline which is said to be the longest in Asia at 840 meters long. So when we decided to take a trip down in Northern Mindanao, we made sure to include it in our list of must-do activities. I'm actually not a fan of ziplines simply because I have a fear of heights but the little daredevil in me said that I should do it. Besides, I didn't want to go home as a loser without trying the Asia's longest!

I survived Asia's longest dual zipline at Dahilayan Adventure Park!

On our second day, we met with the tour guide of Red Rafts, one of the companies in CDO that offers whitewater rafting and other tours, which we DON'T recommend. Out of the tour companies we called up prior to the trip, they were the only one who accommodated us for a combo tour of whitewater rafting and zipline in Dahilayan Adventure Park in one day. Combo tour is normally offered to groups with minimum of 6 guests. Since we're only two persons, we thought we're lucky to be confirmed by them.

Before we left for Bukidnon, they surprised us with a bad news that there would be no whitewater rafting activity later that day. Long story short, they lied to us and didn't deliver what they promised. Definitely we were disappointed simply because our itinerary would be mess up -- again. First, our Iligan City trip got canceled the previous day and now this one. We had already readjusted our itinerary to squeeze the Iligan City trip in our last day which means the more that we needed to do both activities on the same day.

Getting to Dahilayan Adventure Park

Dahilayan Adventure Park is located at the town of Manolo Fortich in Bukidnon which is about two hours drive from the city of Cagayan de Oro. Since we're on a private van (together with a group of 3 guests Red Rafts had at that time), we arrived at Dahilayan Adventure Park in only about 1.5 hours.

What I liked about Bukidnon is its cool and invigorating climate which is reminiscent of Baguio or Tagaytay. I also enjoyed the breathtaking countryside and mountain views along the way. Before getting to the park, we passed by Camp Phillips where the very huge pineapple plantation of Del Monte is located.

“Welcome to the Province of Bukidnon” sign located at crossing Alae, Manolo Fortich

Upon arriving at the site, we excitedly headed to ZipZone for the zipline adventures. Despite what happened earlier, we managed to move on and still get excited for this trip. We will deal with it later, I said. :)

Dahilayan Adventure Park offers two types of dual zipline with the following rates: the combination of mid-zip 350 meters + 150 meters (P250) and the longest at 840 meters (P500). You can do all rides at P600 only. The first two rides are training ziplines that are perfect for kids or those who are teeny bit scared of heights. They also serve as warm-up rides before taking the 840m, which was a good thing for first timers like me. I must admit that the first two rides were a little easy because you ride in a sitting position and the height is not to the point that I'll get a heart attack anytime soon. LOL.

ZipZone at Dahilayan Adventure Park, Bukidnon

Forest Park, another adventure park in Brgy. Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon

Putting on the harness while instructions are given

Getting ready for the first zipline ride (150 meters)

The first ride seems to be fun :)

Abi and Ged on the dual zipline

Abi putting her hands in the side for smoother landing

As for the final zipline, we had to be transported by a 4WD Safari Cruiser up to the launching point at 4,500 feet above sea level. While the staff was putting on the harness and other safety gears, my level of excitement started to dwindle and my knees started shaking. Haha!

The 840m zipline has a drop of 100 meters which for me was pretty scary. Unlike the first two ziplines, riders are strapped in a face-down position, Superman-style. What I did was to shout my lungs out while having that extreme adrenaline while sliding down the zipline. You can watch the video below taken by my friend who was on the other cable. The ride took about a minute from the launching point to the other end.

Was the experience worth it? Definitely! Indeed, there's no other way to overcome your fear than to face it.

Just reached the other end. I survived Asia's longest zipline! :)

Group shot. Our tour guide called us Team Budgetel.

You can avail of souvenir photo with Ziprider's Certificate at P100

You can try horseback riding too

Other theme parks in Dahilayan that offer different extreme activities and adventures

Aside from the ziplines, Dahilayan Adventure Park also offers other attractions for the thrill-seekers and adventure-lovers such as Ropes Course, Dropzone and Flying Lizard. You can also try some fun activities like ATV rides and Zorbit at the neighboring Forest Park. If you want to stay overnight, you can check out Pine Groove Lodge for available rooms.

Before leaving for Cagayan de Oro City, the group decided to drop by and take our lunch at The Del Monte Clubhouse which is popular for their delicious steaks. I don't know but there's nothing special in the pork steak that we ordered which was matched by their very poor customer service. I have no reason to recommend this at all.

 Pork steak at Del Monte Clubhouse

This wasn't actually part of our itinerary so Red Rafts were charging us an additional P100 per head. They later changed their mind, probably after seeing how pissed we were about the non-existent whitewater rafting activity, and did not charge us for this side trip. Anyway, we've moved on and decided to do the whitewater rafting on our fourth day, basically squeezing it with Iligan City trip on the same day. Sounds impossible? And did we avail Red Rafts' whitewater rafting tours? More things to happen on my upcoming posts. :)

If there's one thing we learned that day, it's that part of the adventure is expecting the unexpected. We had fun on our second day despite the odds and couldn't wait for the next day for our trip to Camiguin. :)

How to Get to Dahilayan Adventure Park from CDO:

ZipZone shuttle (airconditioned mini-bus):

Every Saturdays only. Rate is P350.00 per head back and forth. 8:00 to 8:30 am at Coffeeworks Divisoria. They also offer packaged tours that include round trip transportation. Contact them for details.

Public transportation:

Go to Agora Integrated Bus Terminal and take a van bound for Camp Phillips. Another option is to go to Gusa Eastbound Terminal and take a jeepney or van bound for Camp Phillips. From Camp Phillips, take a habal-habal (single motorcycle) for P100 per person for one way and should be minimum of two passengers. If you're solo or don't want to wait for other passenger, you can hire it by yourself for P300 (round trip).

Driving directions:

From Cagayan de oro, take the Davao-Bukidnon Highway, right on the Alae Junction, proceed 25 kms to Brgy. Dahilayan past Camp Phillips and the pineapple fields via Mampayag. Source

Contact Information:

Dahilayan Adventure Park
Zipzone Dahilayan – 0922-880-1319
Pinegrove Mountain Lodge – 0917-622-3204

Forest Park
Mobile No.: +639177154399


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Adelle said...

looks like you had a lot of time with the zipline...looking forward to new posts :)

fifi leigh said...

interesting adventure. stuff like that always happen for some reason, whether intentionally or by accident. it makes your trips more adventurous and spontaneous.

Pinoy Travel Freak said...

Couldn't agree more!

Pinoy Travel Freak said...

Yes, we had fun! Thanks for dropping by. :)

Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons said...

omg! that looks really scary! my friends tried one before in tagaytay but that's like so long already. Im not afraid of heights of what but this one kills me softly! great view there! xx

jsncruz said...

My God, that is a ridiculous length for a zipline! I'm a zip junkie so I'll make sure to strap myself here soon and get that certificate! Longest I've done was a couple of hundred meters, in Davao.

Franc Ramon said...

I would like to try this zipline plus the view is really nice.

Teresa Martinez said...

A ziprider's certificate for braving the feat? Oh well it looks so inviting.

escapemanila said...

Bukidnon is near me but I've never been to this place yet. I should plan a trip to Dahilyan soon.

Donald Pagulong said...

Ewan ko if I will ever get a ziprider's certificate. But definitely, Bukidnon offers lots of fun to incoming guests specially this park.

Ellen Bernardino said...

i've tried a shorter distance zip line in a sitting position and its awesome, i hope i could brave that longest zip line.

Francis Balgos said...

I remember the cold wind on this dual zip line..
Bukidnon really has a nice highland weather! :)

ronleyba said...

How I wish I can experience riding that zipline. Tried ziplining once here at my place and it's quite addictive.

Raizamae Boldios said...

Hey, haha. there's really an undiscovered emotion I feel whenever I see photos of Bukidnon, like a silent place that have something I can't explain.. aside from the beauty and wht it has to offer... seemed nostalgic yet I never been there.. haha. anyways, I'm not looking for answers for my queries sooner or later I'll find my way to this wonderful place

To&Fro said...

wow! I don't think I would have been brave enough to do that.

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