Cagbalete Island Accommodation: Villa Cleofas

If you're looking for accommodation in Cagbalete, there are only three resorts found in the island namely, Pansacola Beach Resort, Villa Cleofas and MVT Sto. Niño Resort, so there's not much of an option basically. I've first heard about Pansacola and wanted to stay there but their accommodation is quite expensive for solo travelers. Between the remaining two, Villa Cleofas got more good feedback although I was pretty much interested to check MVT when I get there as well.

Dining hall cottage of Villa Cleofas

As soon as I arrived at the island, I had the two young guides accompany me to Villa Cleofas and MVT Sto. Niño Resort. After about 30 minutes of trekking under the scorching sun from Sabang Port, we reached Villa Cleofas first and, right away, I fell in love with the place! The reviews were all true.

I inquired about the rates and told them I will check out MVT first for options, to see if they have cheaper rooms or cottages. I was actually hesitant to leave at that time because it was too hot and seeing the location of MVT, it looked like it will take 15 minutes to get there. Besides, I was already more than contented with Villa Cleofas. But out of curiosity, we went to check the resort anyway.

At MVT, I was told that their electricity was available only from 6PM to 12AM (6 hours), much shorter than in Villa Cleofas (12 hours). By the way, the resorts in Cagbalete are powered by generators which are switched on only at night. They couldn't extend it since they had no other guests than me. It would be impractical on their part. Also, their water pump was not working at that time but I was told not to worry since they can get me some water when needed. I could have lived with all of these but then the price difference of room as compared with Villa Cleofas is not too much. Another issue for me was that they're located a bit in seclusion and far from the beach. In the end, I decided to go back to Villa Cleofas.

Hammocks under frangipani or kalachuchi trees

What I really love about Villa Cleofas is their great location. They are much closer to the beach and I just love the ambiance. Upon arrival, I was already imagining lying on one of those hammocks under the shade of trees. Green grasses that bring such a relaxing feel were everywhere and the cool ocean breeze can put you into lull anytime. And by they way, I was the only guest at the resort so it was really a perfect moment to enjoy the serenity and privacy of the place. It was, in fact, my intention to take this trip on a weekday to avoid the crowds during the weekend.

Panoramic view of Villa Cleofas thanks to my underwater camera :)

I met one of the owners, Sir Tonet, who seemed really nice. I initially wanted to get one of their cheaper cottages at P1,000 but it doesn't have electricity. I decided to get their new concrete room for P2,000 with fan and restroom. I know it's expensive (for a fan room) but I was prepared to rent at this price. Unless you're in group, accommodations in Cagbalete are quite expensive because there are not many competitions and they spend so much on generators to supply power at night.

I could have rented a tent at P250 but I was afraid of losing my gadgets in case I leave the resort. I brought my laptop with me on my trip thinking I could go online at night and finish some stuff when there's power. However, it was pointless because this part of the island receives very weak 3G signal. Mobile browsing was fine but when using a laptop, forget it. Cellphone signal for Globe was never a problem though.

I rented one of the beachfront concrete rooms of Villa Cleofas

Inside the room are double bed, electric fan and private bathroom

After settling in, I used their kitchen found behind the dining cottage to cook rice for my lunch. You will have to pay a minimal fee of P50 for every use of their gas stove including the use of utensils. You may also bring your own charcoal and prepare your own food if you don't want to avail their food packages. Their kitchen seems to have the complete stuff needed to cook anyway. For two days, I only cooked twice so I paid a total of P100 for the use of kitchen and utensils.

The dining hall features a bar aside from the kitchen and dining facilities. I also saw some entertainment systems which are probably used when there's party or something by big groups.

Kitchen area of Villa Cleofas

Dining area, bar and entertainment system inside the dining hall

More cottages of Villa Cleofas for big groups

Breathtaking sunrise in Cagbalete Island

View of sunrise from Villa Cleofas

Lying on a hammock while watching the blue sea

Sand ripples after the low tide

Other than being close to the beach, Villa Cleofas offers a fantastic view of the sunrise. You will also be amazed during low tide when the vast seabed is exposed. The sand ripples really looked amazing.

Like I mentioned, if you want cheaper accommodation, you can bring your own tent and just pay for the entrance fee. Villa Cleofas has also some tents for rent at P250 per night. They also offer island hopping tours, horseback riding and other activities.

For more info, visit their website at

For other accommodations, here are their contact info:

Pansacola Beach Resort

MVT Sto. Niño Resort

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Adeline Yuboco said...

Wow! Looks like paradise on earth. Thanks for sharing about this. First time I've heard of this resort. Will add this to my bucket list hopefully for next year.

Franc Ramon said...

The villa really can provide nice family time and save a lot of cost from preparing foods.

Pal Raine said...

Good thing they have a PRAYER HUT. Seldom to see a place for praying in a resort, more on luxury and good food. BTW love the scenery. Thanks for sharing Villa Cleofas.

mark pogi said...

My friends have been to Cagbalete before while I had to back-out at the last minute because of emergency. I wish I could visit the place soon.

Elal Jane Lasola said...

Woooow. Ang ganda ng place. I've researched about Cagbalete before. But you've made me itch to go there more. :D

Sky Summer said...

First time to hear the place, it's really nice for weekend escaped. Now, I'm dreaming my self on that hammock while looking the waves and sipping my pinacolada. :)

Ricky Bernardino said...

This place is really beautiful and the sunrise is magnificent. I wish to visit this place too =)

Nanardxz said...

Beautiful shots! Cagbalete looks really nice too..

Donald Pagulong said...

Picture pa lang nag-enjoy na ako. Seems a great place to visit. Very Serene ang atmosphere Hayz, sarap matulog doon sa hammocks

Mai_Flores said...

I loved the total look and ambiance of Villa Cleofas. But I hope they would offer their Fan Room for less than 2k. I find that a bit heavy on the wallet, considering that it's only a fan room.

jrplaza said...

Oh wow. I love the place. I think its a beautiful and majestic. The accommodation is also at reasonable price.:) I'll add it on my travel list.

Jevelme said...

These fast few days I've seen lots of beautiful places and this one is included! I wish we could have vacation here.

ralph said...

the place looks so private, one i would prefer if i would have to choose...a very relaxing view indeed.ralph

Cher Tanchico said...

The scenery looks very peaceful. I think this is one the best place to spend this long weekend. Masarap magsulat sa ganitong lugar :)

Paula Anntoneth O said...

very nice di ba! nice meeting here! albeit a few days apart? Sabi mo March ka andito..i think March din kame nagpunta dito or late Feb this year....

Pinoy Travel Freak said...

Yes, I loved it here sa Villa Cleofas. Nauna lang kayo kung ganun. Went there March 8-9. :)

Pinoy Travel Freak said...

Agreed. You will get inspired to write sa ganda ng lugar. :)

villa lloret said...

The Pictures in the post are so much attractive i really wanna say this type of attraction comes from the ultimate places, peaceful, Eco friendly.

Angelica C. Barro said...

Awesome post

Pinoy Travel Freak said...

Sayang! Hope you could visit Cagbalete soon!

Pinoy Travel Freak said...

Thanks! :)

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