3rd Philippine International PyroMusical Competition: UK & Spain

It was a night of visual spectacle as the fireworks from two competing countries lit up and painted the sky with varying and amazing colors. I was able to witness the fireworks showdown of United Kingdom and Spain during the second week of 3rd Philippine International PyroMusical Competition held in Mall of Asia on February 18.

Unlike the last two years, I was able to fully enjoy the show this year after I got a media pass. It gave me an opportunity to watch from the viewing deck facing the bay which offers a spectacular view of the fireworks display.

The show opened on February 11 with South Korea and Malta battling for the best pyrotechnics. If you missed to watch the previous shows, don't fret because you still have four Saturdays to witness the event.

February 25 - Finland & Portugal
March 3 - China & The Netherlands
March 10 - Australia & Canada
March 17 - Italy & Philippines

Here's a portion of the fireworks display by Spain:

You can buy a ticket at the venue but I don't recommend it because of the crowd. You can get your ticket in advance by calling SM Tickets, TicketNet or Ticket World.

Ticket prices are:
Silver - P100
Gold - P300
VIP - P500
VIP (w/ dinner) - P1,500

You can also get a free ticket by joining the promo of Close Up Philippines. Click here to know how.

Make sure to arrive early at the venue to avoid heavy traffic and to find the best spot for your viewing. Also, it is best to bring food with you that you can easily grab when your stomach needs to be filled up.

For more information and updates about the event, visit www.pyrophilippines.com. Check out this album for more photos of the pyromusical display by UK and Spain.

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micG said...

An ganda ng mga kuha mo ;) Keep it up!

Pinoy Travel Freak said...

Thanks! :-)

Francis Balgos said...

I wanna watch this again..
kaka stress lang ang dami ng crowd

Pinoy Travel Freak said...

I want to watch the fireworks of China since they were last year's winner. And of course, our very own. :)

©juanderfulpinoy.com|Chino said...

This is what I missed , busy kasi . Pero andami naganticipate sa China hahaha. See you there

Zherwin Perion said...

this saturday's face off between China and the Netherlands is sure to bring crowd in, so hopefully just like the S. Korea-Malta opening, I can come early and be seated again at the breakwater!!!

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