Travel Photo Friday: The Monkey and The Tortoise

Yes, this photo reminds me of the folk tale our kindergarten and elementary Filipino teachers used to read to us in school. The Tortoise and The Monkey (Ang Pagong at ang Matsing) was a creation of Dr. Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines, which reflects Rizal's affection and compassion for the youth. The story was also published in a London magazine in 1889. For those who haven't heard about or forgot this story already, you can read it here. :-)

This picture was taken in Bohol, particularly in a place where Prony, the world's largest python in captivity, can be found. He shares the cage with other animals including a monkey, a tortoise, eagles, etc. Honestly speaking though, I feel sad for these animals. They should be kept in their natural habitat or, at least, be confined in a more conducive environment.

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kurapengpeng said...

o nga no. ang galing naisip mo pa ang kwentong yun "tuso man daw ang matsing, ungoy pa rin" lol! seriously, nakaka-awa ang lagay nila dun. Kasama din si Prony at mag agila pa ata sa loob. Sari sari. Nung pumunta ako dati, parang stressed out yung monkey, nananakit. Anyway, ang ganda ng pagkakakuha mo. Parang pasan ni monkey ang daigdig. hihi! sana someone would pay attention to their needs. namiss ko ang blogosphere.

Zen said...

Ang cute naman nila. sila na friends.. ^_^

Pinoy Travel Freak said...

Oo nga eh. Kakaawa yung sitwasyon nila. Pinagsama ba naman sila sa isang kulungan lang. :(

Pinoy Travel Freak said...

Hehe. Oo nga eh! :-)

ian | going places said...

sana nga ayusin nila ang condition ng mga animals dun... kasi potential maging magandang zoo iyon sa Bohol

vin said...

it's kinda depressing to see the condition of these animals. i hope they'd be given more attention and care.

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