7 Valuable Australia Travel Tips for the Best Holiday Experience

So you’re heading to Oz for your next vacation? Sounds very good, you’re in for a really great time. While there will always be enough to create a lasting impression in your heart, it always makes sense to get yourself prepared for what’s coming.

12 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do in Malaysia

Malaysia is perhaps the most underrated country in Asia. It’s not something you would often find in somebody’s bucket list. Travelers would rather go to cities like Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Taiwan rather than Kuala Lumpur—whether it’s because of food, nightlife, or simply getting immersed in the city life. But if you look more closely and be more open-minded, you will find a hidden gem that has a rich culture, remarkable food, and diverse, fascinating people.

5 #AweSM Things to Do in SM City Legazpi (No. 5 is the Best!)

Malling has been a big part of Filipino culture--no wonder some of the largest shopping malls in the world are found in the Philippines. Thanks to mall owners such as SM Supermalls for bringing malling experience closer to more Filipinos by building an SM mall in almost every city in the archipelago.

Mayon Volcano overlooking Legazpi City

Top 3 Telesin Accessories to Use for Your GoPro

GoPro action camera has been part of my travel essentials for several years. GoPro users like me know that action cameras are perfect for any adventures because they are portable, easy to use and best of all, waterproof!

Vianellas: Stylish Slippers Made by Travelers for Travelers

Comfort is always my top priority when traveling. From backpack and travel gears to clothes and footwear, I'd wear and pack light for comfort and convenience. Whether heading to the beach or hiking up the mountain, I'd prefer to wear slippers or sandals while traveling locally. With a tropical climate like the Philippines, I like the feeling of wearing something lightweight, open and easy to dry if getting wet. But aside from comfort, you want to wear a pair of sandals that's stylish and would look good with your summer outfit, right?

5 Things You Will Only Experience in Cebu

Cebu is widely considered as the cultural hub of the Philippines’ Central Visayas region. The province is home to the port city of Cebu, an economic area of urban growth that still retains remnants of its colonial and pre-colonial past and is surrounded by some of the most gorgeous natural tropical surroundings you’ll see in your life.

Top 5 Alternative Beach Destinations Near Boracay

President Duterte has put Boracay under state of calamity due to worsening environmental issues. And after weeks of speculation and proposal to shutdown the island, Boracay will be officially closed for six months starting April 26. Now tourists with upcoming trip to the island are left with no choice but to either cancel their travel or pick another destination.

AirAsia Philippines recently announced new routes which are direct flights from Manila to Bali and Jakarta in Indonesia, and Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. The addition of these new routes will surely make traveling between these Asian countries and the Philippines more convenient and affordable for Filipino travelers.

WATCH: Exploring the Best of Western Visayas

Western Visayas is probably one of the most visited regions in the country, thanks to the popularity of Boracay. But more than the world-renowned white sand beach, Western Visayas is also home to other awe-inspiring tourist destinations and attractions--from enchanting islands and unspoiled beaches to historical sites, colorful festivals and delicious local foods--that are well worth the visit.

Seco Island, the pride of Tibiao in Antique

Travel Guide: Tatlong Pulo Beach, Guimaras

Guimaras Island is among the smallest provinces in the Philippines. It's considered small yet it's rich in terms of natural wonders and beautiful landscape such as pristine and serene beaches and secluded resorts. One of the beaches that's less popular and crowded and is considered a hidden paradise in Guimaras is Tatlong Pulo Beach.

White sand beach of Talong Pulo Beach Resort